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 "DAM is fundamental to manage the content deluge."

Forrester 2022 B2B Marketing Report


How the Miami Marlins Crafted the Ultimate Creative Workflow

Miami Marlins Team Photographer Joseph Guzy shares how his creative workflow has evolved since he interned with the Pittsburgh Pirates six years ago in 2016.

4 Innovative DAM Tips from a University Videographer

Learn unconventional ways to use and create new content with archival media from the University of South Carolina’s talented videographer, Jesuel Rivera. Plus, learn solid tips for building a scalable, user-friendly dynamic asset management system using smart keywords, file structures, and more best practices you’ve got to try.

DAM 101

Everything is digital, so everyone needs to be dynamic

Learn how to harness the true power of dynamic asset management every March, during DAM Month. 

Read creative content marketing and asset management tips from industry experts, register to attend events and virtual networking opportunities with peers and potential mentors. 

Week 1 Sneak Peek: COLLECT + CREATE

Collect your assets and collaborate to create


Unlock your brilliant creative ideas. Ingenius brand stories to motivate your next greatest innovation.

Digital Asset
Management Month


Week 4: Inspiration
Unlock your brilliant creative ideas. Read through ingenius brand stories to motivate your next great innovation. 

Welcome to the


Workshop your workflow.

Unlock your brilliant creative ideas. Read through ingenious brand stories to motivate your next great innovation.

DAM vs Consumer Solutions Like Flickr and Dropbox: How To Best Manage Your Corporate Image and Video Library

Now that smartphones produce the same high-quality images that advanced digital cameras are capable of producing, individuals and organizations alike need a way to store, organize and share their visual assets faster and easier. Some solutions are great for storing family vacation photos, but they lack functionality and security. Learn the reasons why digital asset management (DAM) systems are designed to help enterprise teams thrive.

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Organizations Make Setting Up Their Photo and Video Library

The experts have already made the big mistakes. Help your team by learning what pitfalls to avoid during the DAM setup process.

Go Where the Work Flows

Collect. Organize. Distribute. Collaborate. 
Make your workflow flow, so it doesn’t feel like work.

Real-Time Workflow 2.0: The Guide To Faster Visual Storytelling

When you share photos instantly, you can meet your audience’s demand for content and capitalize on their excitement. Download this guide to put into practice the simple, yet strong workflow that can help your brand seamlessly share its most impactful moments instantly. 

Learn more here.

What is the Workflow Workshop?

As audience demand for engaging visual content experiences increases by the second, brand marketing professionals need to consistently optimize their workflow operations so they can work smarter, not harder to share their most impactful stories. 

The most successful storytellers are able to upload, access, and share their content in real-time — from gameday sidelines, live events, or anywhere, in seconds. 

Learn from these curated expert tips and downloadable templates that will help you workshop your workflow in real time. 

The Ultimate Workflow Generator for Creative Teams

Map out your workflow for everyone on your team to see—or test out new tools to find solutions for the parts of your workflow you don't have a solution for. Then share your final workflow with us!

10 Examples of the Impact of Visual Asset Management

As the demand for engaging visual content increases, studies show that teams investing in digital asset management benefit from always-on access to their assets, streamlined creative processes, and they deliver improved, unified branded content experiences to their customers. Learn how 10+ brands like LEGOLAND, Global Heritage Fund, University of Tennessee and more benefit from using a DAM.

How to Collaborate Successfully: 10+ Creative Marketing Experts Weigh In

Curious how marketing professionals collaborate creatively to develop lasting visual storytelling experiences their communities love? Here's what works for the experts in the healthcare, nonprofits, sports, education, entertainment, and hospitality industries.

"My team will get hit up by various departments or external media outlets, asking for specific photos of a player from a certain game, and with AI tagging and being able to sort and filter by game on top of that, it makes it so easy."
- Karen Ramming 

Review Your Workflow

Uncover what and where your procedural pitfalls are to build a more efficient way of working.

The 5 Questions You Should Ask When Sharing Photos

Sharing content on request can quickly lead to a disorganized content library and brand inconsistency in the market. Follow this checklist and ask the right questions before fulfilling any asset request to ensure your visuals enhance the content and are cohesive to your brand.

3 Easy Steps to an Organized Image Library

It doesn't matter whether you're new to digital asset management or an advanced user of a disorganized content library, these three simple steps will help beginners and advanced DAM users clean up their assets, so everyone on your team can access, search for, and use content more readily.

5 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to Measure DAM Success

Measuring the activity within your DAM is key for optimizing creative content marketing assets and campaigns. It's also key for optimizing the DAM user experience. Here are five examples of data points you can start to track performance with. 

A CIO’s Guide to Managing Corporate Image Archives

Executives know best. Learn the four main characteristics you should consider when choosing a content management system for your company. 

How Workflows Are Changing for Creative Professionals

The working world as we know it has undergone massive transformations over the past two years. Here's what 10+ creative marketing experts have learned about collaborating effectively and creating success by optimizing what already works. 

How the Pittsburgh Steelers Get Photos To Fans In Real-Time

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Check your email for details on how to join the webinar on the day we go live. In the meantime, enjoy this short video below...

Check your email for details on how to join the webinar on the day we go live. In the meantime, enjoy this short video below...

Optimize Your Workflow

Break down the roadblocks and try a new way of doing things to watch your team's work F-L-O-W.

Sync Your Systems: Make the DAM Content Production Workflow Seamless with API Integrations

A seamless workflow ultimately comes down to a synchronized tech stack. Learn how the PhotoShelter for Brands DAM synchronizes seamlessly with your team's tools to help them work smarter, not harder. 

Learn more here.

How Special Olympics Reaches Millions Worldwide With A Live Event DAM Strategy

Hear how Special Olympics' Senior Director of Content and Storytelling managed the digital asset management and global content strategy for the February 2021 Kazan Test Games in Kazan, Russia; a global invitational event where athletes and global affiliates practice a trial version of the World Winter Games 2022. Sharing content on request can quickly lead to a disorganized content library and brand inconsistency in the market. Keep reading here.

This Is How The Colorado Rockies Weave Hometown Pride Into Their Brand Through Content Marketing

Come learn how The Colorado Rockies talented marketing team developed an epic visual storytelling strategy for the release of the team's first new uniforms in over 20 years. Tune in to see how this team pulled off a photoshoot on the 12,000 feet Rocky Mountain high peaks. 

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Check your email for details on how to join the webinar on the day we go live. In the meantime, enjoy this short video below...

Check your email for details on how to join the webinar on the day we go live. In the meantime, enjoy this short video below...

The Colorado Rockies' Nike City Connect Campaign Visual Storytelling Strategy Playbook

5+ Innovative Ways to Approach Content Marketing in 2022

Are your creative ideas feeling stale? Does the creative production process feel sluggish and slow? Learn more effective ways to approach campaign development, so they're easier to execute. 

The Visual Storytelling Strategy Behind Hungry Harry's Small-Business-to-Household-Brand Growth

The Hungry Harry's brand was slated to fly on to shelves nationwide before the world went on lockdown, but co-founder and creative director, Sarah Matheson shifted quickly and made strategic marketing pivots to help the company accomplish its goals amidst the uncertainty. Tune in to learn how PhotoShelter continues to help Hungry Harry's grow their audience and reputation.

Sync Your Systems

Align your tech stack to optimize your creative marketing workflow.

Build Your Own: The Ultimate Workflow Generator for Creative Teams

ver the years, we’ve spoken to hundreds of passionate professionals about their creative processes and the tools and platforms that power their workflows. With their learnings and insights in mind—it’s clear that every team’s workflow is unique to them/their specific needs—we created a customizable workflow generator so you and your team can build your own personalized flow chart to help document and streamline your workflow. 

15 Stories to Inspire Your Creative Workflow

The future of content marketing is here! Learn about AI-powered creative workflows, innovations in content marketing, social media strategy tips to try right now, and more insights from brand leaders you admire. Keep reading here.

Deep Clean and Organize Your Digital Content Library

Empower your DAM manager to keep your organization’s content library organized and stop the mess before it starts. Use these tips to create a game plan.

Behind the Lens with Legendary Chicago White Sox Photographer, Ron Vesely

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Check your email for details on how to join the webinar on the day we go live. In the meantime, enjoy this short video below...

Check your email for details on how to join the webinar on the day we go live. In the meantime, enjoy this short video below...

4 Innovative DAM Tips from a University Videographer

Reading timeless takeaways through a different lens can reveal new insights. Challenge yourself to put these tips into practice and track your learnings to optimize your current visual marketing strategy. 

19+ DAM Case Studies Your Marketing Team Needs to See

There's no doubt about it —having a digital asset management system helps brands share their best moments far and wide, and on time. Here's how DAM helps 19+ of the best brands tell their stories better. 

Workshop Your Workflow

Put your brand marketing workflow to work.

How BYU Sets Up Its Wireless FTP Workflow

Recently, Canon made a few changes to the types of files you can send using wireless FTP which impacted how RAW files were sent over FTP. Thankfully, the PhotoShelter team followed suit, improving support for RAW files from these cameras. Now, RAW files from Canon EOS R5 and R6 can be uploaded to PhotoShelter and previews for these files are more accurate. Now that most cameras can send RAW files directly into PhotoShelter, let’s visit our friends at BYU for a breakdown of how to set up the Wireless FTP Real-Time Workflow.

How UCF Changed The Game with QR Codes On Student-Athlete Jerseys

Last spring, the University of Central Florida’s athletics content marketing team went viral when they experimented with jersey designs by replacing players’ numbers with their Twitter handles for the first spring game. This year they swapped out the traditional jersey numbers for QR codes, and their engagement numbers aren’t lying—the experiment is working!

“It’s really important you coordinate with your editor or social media manager before the game, so that you understand if there is any milestone coming up or a player is going to break a record or any specific needs that they have so you can share them in a timely manner."
 – Jaren Wilkey