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Find the right image in a snap with PhotoShelter AI

You invest a lot of time and energy into creating captivating visual content for your brand. Increase the ROI of your assets by making them easier to find for you and your stakeholders–no metadata needed.

How PhotoShelter AI helps you find the right image

Search your entire library by describing what you want

Use PhotoShelter’s AI Visual Search to look through your entire library to find exactly the right image - don’t miss out on a great photo because it wasn’t tagged. It works great for searches like “throwing graduation caps in the air,” “family checking in at a hotel,” or “player sliding into home base.”

Create Accessible Videos with AI Subtitles

Leverage our AI-powered suite to streamline your workflow and maximize your ROI on your assets. Search your content by description or let our AI tools auto-tag your images by object, people, or brands. Transcribe your videos, too.

No more losing images into the black hole of your archive

With PhotoShelter AI, your entire image library is available to anyone who needs it, whether they know your metadata strategy or not. New employees, partners and portal users are empowered to self-service images, saving you time and increasing the ROI of your images.

Automatically tag images of specific people or brands on upload

When you need to find specific people or brands, PhotoShelter AI Tagging automatically creates searchable metadata tags on upload so you can easily find them later. It also helps you spend less time figuring out who the people are in an image to tag them.

Discover how AI brings
your teams together

Photographer Icon

The Tagger

Creating detailed metadata tags for your images manually takes hours and a clear strategy. With PhotoShelter AI, your taggers can save hours on tagging and use that time for more productive tasks.

Designer Icon

The Designer

Your designers invest a lot of time and energy into leveraging your assets to create impressive pieces. Make it easier for them to find the assets they need with PhotoShelter AI.

Marketing Manager Icon

The External Partner

Empower your external partners with seamless self-service access to the images they need. With PhotoShelter AI, your users can easily access and find images, even if they’re not familiar with your metadata strategy.

Commercial Team Icon

The Newbie

Hiring a new member of your team is an exciting time and you want to get them up and running as quickly as possible. With PhotoShelter AI, they can quickly start using your assets before having to dig deep through the archive to see what’s there.

Save time and increase ROI

We estimate it would take humans nearly 200 days to manually tag all of the images uploaded to PhotoShelter every month. Use your team’s time for higher-value projects with PhotoShelter AI.

Creative teams love PhotoShelter AI

Brianne Wigley
Senior Manager of Integrated Content

“PeopleID has become one of the most important tools for us on a day-to-day basis. Not only does it make it easy to identify specific players in a batch of 500 photos, but it’s also really helped us with our player-content strategy.”

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Brigham Young University

Nate Edwards 
Manager of Photography 

“It’s important to keep up with new technology like PhotoShelter AI. It can help speed up your workflow so you have more time.”

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Kendra Lee
Marketing and Creative Manager

 “PhotoShelter AI was announced and we jumped on it. This was the answer to our prayers.” 

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Get started today. Improve your workflows with PhotoShelter AI.