PhotoShelter’s Artificial Intelligence solution automatically tags people, brand marks and general keywords through cutting-edge tactics:

Artificial Intelligence

Tag images automatically. Search and share content effortlessly.

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Janet Boye Jenkins

Creative Director, Applegate


"We might be shooting for a specific need today, but we may need that photograph in two years – and to be able to find that is invaluable "

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John Kelly III

Senior Managing Photographer, FreshDirect 


"It’s taken very little convincing to prove the return on investment on the system because it’s just proven itself to be extremely beneficial."

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Mads Pihl

Manager of Photography, Visit Greenland.


"The major difference has been that we don’t have this weird fragmented upload process. It’s just one door into a platform."

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Combines facial recognition and jersey data for the most accurate athlete recognition available.


Pulls together data from three different sources - Google, Microsoft and Amazon - to deliver the best and most accurate general metadata for your brand’s images.

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Recognizes sponsors and brands, with the capability to deliver relevant assets to your brand’s partners and stakeholders in real time.


Identify, search for, and share images of your organizations notable figures, influencers, and community members faster than ever before. 



Tag specific pieces of text from a pre-defined list of high-value words. 

Custom Models

Allow you to build hyper relevant smart tags based on the unique attributes of your brand, team or industry.