Integrated Accounts

Integrated Accounts

Expand access. Create more. Share content effortlessly between two or more divisions, teams and brands within a parent company or organization and create a unified content ecosystem to tell your best brand story.

Product Benefits

Enterprise-Grade Performance

Guaranteed platform performance and reliability at scale, no matter the size of your organization.

Integrated Accounts - Enterprise - Grade Performance
Brand Consistency Icon

Brand Consistency

Meet one-on-one with PhotoShelter experts to establish DAM objectives and best practices for your team, design a detailed project plan/roadmap, and build tailored metadata, file naming and keywords policies.

Full Services Migration & DAM Launch

Let our team migrate, centralize and organize your organization's visual media library for you - we'll handle everything from making your content searchable with keywords and captions to training your library staff.

A Robust Content Ecosystem

Increase connectivity and asset ROI with Integrated Accounts.

Explore Integrated Accounts

Integrated Accounts 101

Get acquainted with Integrated Accounts in this brief introductory blog post. Learn what the product is, who it was built for and let our Product Manager show you how your organization might use it.

How to Implement Integrated Accounts

Learn from the Customer Success team how to best implement the full range of Integrated Accounts functionality through this regularly updated Support Center article. Follow any topic on our Support Center to know when features and products you love get upgraded.

This is How MLB Photos Scores with Fans On and Off the Field

Dive in below to learn how Integrated Accounts helped MLB Photos, an iconic brand who’s entrusted us with over 2 million assets in the past 15 years, increase team efficiency and synchronize strategies to own the moment on the field and win on social.

Accelerate creative innovation with Integrated Accounts.

Now, you and all the teams you work with can share files instantly and with ease. No more recreating assets you already have, and no more wasting time searching for assets or duplicating costs. Integrated Accounts creates easier and expansive asset access to help you create more. It's that simple.