Integrated Accounts

Integrated Accounts

Allow effortless sharing of content between divisions, teams and brands within a parent company or organization.

Find out how Integrated Accounts can revolutionize your organization’s creative workflow:

Now, you can share files with other divisions of your organization, so one creative asset can be used by different teams for maximum ROI - no more recreating assets you already have, wasting time searching for assets or duplicating costs.

Optimize Search

Use common, proprietary tagging and metadata policies so everyone can easily find what they are looking for ​

Brandsreduce duplicationIntegratedAccounts_Icons

Reduce Duplication

Decrease the likelihood of content (and cost) duplication

Brandsincrease consistencyIntegratedAccounts_Icons

Increase Consistency

Improve storage, access and workflow consistency across the organization

Brandsenterprise-grade performanceIntegratedAccounts_Icons

Get More Return on Investment

Surface assets within individual accounts for wider organizational use and get more from every piece of content

Brandsenterprice grade performanceIntegratedAccounts_Icons

Enterprise-Grade Performance

Performance and reliability at scale, no matter the size of your organization

One United System

Create better brand and visual media consistency across your entire organization

Speed up your visual storytelling to real time.