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 "DAM is fundamental to manage the content deluge."

Forrester 2022 B2B Marketing Report


How the Miami Marlins Crafted the Ultimate Creative Workflow

Miami Marlins Team Photographer Joseph Guzy shares how his creative workflow has evolved since he interned with the Pittsburgh Pirates six years ago in 2016.

4 Innovative DAM Tips from a University Videographer

Learn unconventional ways to use and create new content with archival media from the University of South Carolina’s talented videographer, Jesuel Rivera. Plus, learn solid tips for building a scalable, user-friendly dynamic asset management system using smart keywords, file structures, and more best practices you’ve got to try.

DAM 101

Everything is digital, so everyone needs to be dynamic

Learn how to harness the true power of dynamic asset management every March, during DAM Month. 

Read creative content marketing and asset management tips from industry experts, register to attend events and virtual networking opportunities with peers and potential mentors. 

Week 1 Sneak Peek: COLLECT + CREATE

Collect your assets and collaborate to create


Unlock your brilliant creative ideas. Ingenius brand stories to motivate your next greatest innovation.

[LIVE WEBINAR] What’s New and Next at PhotoShelter for Brands

On March 15, join Jelan Coley, Product Specialist at PhotoShelter, for a live webinar, What’s New and Next at PhotoShelter for Brands, where we will demonstrate our latest features and product solutions, including Artificial Intelligence, Custom Design Templates, optimized search, and WCAG accessibility. You'll learn how recent updates, integrations, and reporting tools can streamline your visual media workflows and simplify asset management processes.

The Ultimate Guide to Artificial Intelligence in DAM

Download The Ultimate Guide to Artificial Intelligence in DAM and uncover the benefits of incorporating automation into your visual content strategy. Plus, learn about the organizations already using AI to make an impact. 

DAM 101: Why Your Creative Team Needs Dynamic Asset Management

Inside our guide, DAM 101: Why Your Creative Team Needs Dynamic Asset Management, you'll learn why DAM should be an active part of your marketing strategy – a tool that helps your team move faster, so you can share the right content at the right time.

Check your email for details on how to join the webinar on the day we go live. In the meantime, enjoy this video below...

DAM Month is all about connecting with creatives across industries and highlighting their (and your) workflows, as we go behind the scenes to share their brands' biggest moments. 

One of the most reliably consistent strategies for improving your DAM and visual storytelling strategy is simple - learn from your peers. This week, we're identifying and sharing leaders from a variety of industries and jobs who are innovators. Take notes, get inspired, and start setting your own trends!

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Get a sneak peek

Take a quick peek at PhotoShelter with CEO Andrew Fingerman to find out why we are always a top-rated Digital Asset Management platform on G2.

Join the Community

It’s not too late to join the conversation. Join our community on Slack to meet new creative people, chat with people who will inspire you and answer your questions, and stay up to date on more opportunities to connect with each other. 

Make Team Collaboration Seamless with Workspaces

Be the team hero that ends exhausting feedback email threads and start resolving creative projects with Workspaces, the free, built-in project management feature on PhotoShelter.

FTP: What It Is, Why You Need It, and Getting Set Up

One of the most efficient ways to transfer large sets of data is through the use of FTP. Learn exactly what it is, why it helps, and how to set one up for your organization or team.

Why Quick Send is a PhotoShelter File Delivery Favorite

 Use Quick Send to send a batch of files to internal and external stakeholders without requiring logins, passwords, attachments, or third-party services. 

11 Steps to Creating a Winning Business Case for Investing in DAM

When you realize your company needs a solution to manage your creative workflows and growing library of digital assets, your first challenge will be to effectively demonstrate the benefits of investing in a digital asset management platform. We've got you covered.

Eliminate the Need for Image Requests with Metadata and Search

A good metadata workflow is crucial to a successful DAM. Learn more about the different types of metadata and find out how metadata impacts search results in your PhotoShelter Library.

Transform the way you work. 

Learn how to harness the true power of digital asset management this March during the 5th annual #DAMMonth. We've gathered up a handful of excellent resources, free guides, tips from industry experts, live programs and more to help you along the way.

Learn more about what you can expect this DAM Month and why we believe in it from Scott Fedonchik, PhotoShelter's SVP of Marketing, here.

5 Indispensable Workflow Tools You Should Be Using

Working as a creative in college athletics presents a specific set of challenges. Take a closer look at how the creative team behind Texas A&M Athletics communicates internally, shares and delivers their photos, organizes their media library and amplifies their content with five of their go-to tools and applications.

Speed Up On-Brand Graphic Production with The PhotoShelter Canva Integration

Learn how the PhotoShelter for Brands Canva integration allows users to browse, search, and select images and videos from their DAM library within the Canva platform to create new, fresh, on-brand content.

9 Brands to Follow on Social Media to Expand Your Global Perspective

Give these 9 organizations a follow on social media to broaden your human perspective, support global change-makers, and stay up to date on world issues.

Introducing Smart Galleries: The Future of Automated Content Curation is Here

Learn how to find your most valuable brand assets faster and easier with Smart Galleries, a new enhanced feature on the PhotoShelter for Brands DAM platform that enables users to create automatically updated content galleries for common metadata and keyword searches.

The Who, What & Why of PhotoShelter AI

Dive deeper to understand who AI is for and what it can do for you. Plus, uncover the ways automation has positively impacted some of the industry’s most impressive universities, sports teams and organizations.

The Ultimate Workflow Generator for Creative Teams

Over the years, we've spoken to hundreds of passionate professionals about their creative processes and the tools and platforms that power their workflows. With their learnings and insights in mind, we created a customizable workflow generator so you and your team can build your own personalized flow chart to help document and streamline the way you work.

Make Custom On-Brand Graphic Templates Anyone Can Use With PhotoShelter’s New Integration

Give your graphic design team the freedom to be creative again and invest in design tools that enable non-creatives to edit and reproduce graphics through uploaded, design-approved templates.

How Broadcasting and TV Network Companies Share Visual Content with DAM

Discover how Broadcasting and TV network companies use DAM systems to organize and share visual content. DAM enables quick search and retrieval of specific assets, saving time and improving workflows.

27+ Creative Women Brand Leaders You Need to Follow (and Hire!) Right Now

To help ensure digital parity for women in 2023, the UN is asking brands, people, and organizations who care about #BreakingTheBias to #PowerOn and help “shape a safer, more inclusive, and more equitable digital world for all.” How are we heeding the unifying call to create parity for women online? By highlighting some incredible women we know who are in the prime of their careers as photographers, creative directors, brand marketers, graphic designers, social media managers, videographers, and more!

The Best University Photographers in Europe

From the historic halls of Oxford to the bustling streets of Paris, these university photographers have an eye for detail and a knack for capturing the spirit of university life – plus, many of them are digital asset management pros, too. Prepare to take a trip down memory lane with some of the best university photographers in Europe! Take a look at our list and give these incredible visual storytellers a follow on social media! 

5 HBCUs That Shine a Light on Black History in Everyday Content

Learn how to create the best type of content that truly celebrates the Black experience, showcases rising and established industry leaders, and spreads love for Black people and culture. And what better way to produce this content than by collaborating with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)? These institutions, many of which have been around for over a century, have shaped and prepared generations of Black leaders and creators, ensuring that the future of Black excellence remains bright. Don't miss this opportunity to create content that truly celebrates Black culture and history with the inspiration from HBCUs.

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How NFL’s Visual Storytelling is Taking Europe by Storm

5 NFL teams are looking towards Europe in the 2023 season, as more regular season games are played across the continent than ever before. Dive into how these teams are planning to promote the games and expand their brand storytelling across borders.

5 Ways DAM Transforms Creative Workflows for European Fashion Brands

In a world where our attention spans are getting shorter and we are constantly being bombarded by marketing and advertising, standing out is one of the biggest challenges brands face. For fashion brands, fierce competition for attention is no longer reserved to the high street. Battling for attention in the digital space is the most coveted showroom. So, what are fashion brands doing in the digital space to engage with audiences to ensure they get more eyeballs on their own brand? 

4 Ways European Sports Teams Tackle Fan Engagement

How do global brands like Kawasaki and the ATP Tour reach a global audience? By using a powerful DAM to enhance their visual storytelling. But it's not only the DAM that helps them reach farther than before -- it's innovation. Discover how sports teams in Europe are changing the game in their approach to digital asset management.

Inclusion Matters: How Special Olympics Creates an Accessible Work Environment For All

As inclusivity and accessibility become increasingly important topics of discussion in the world and at work, employers need to tap in and listen to the neurodiverse, intellectually challenged and physically disabled communities in order to implement helpful tools to support truly diverse talent pools. To gain further insight into how creative team leaders might amplify talent and develop accessible resources for employees with intellectual disabilities and physical challenges, we sat down with Sydnye White, Senior Director of Storytelling at Special Olympics and Brand Communications Coordinator Robert Jones to learn their approach. 

3 DAM Best Practices for Arts and Cultural Organisations

Until recently, many arts organisations have relied on generic file storage systems like Dropbox or Google Drive to organise their growing media libraries. But the accelerated demand for content, combined with the rise of distributed teams has created new challenges – making image search and sharing costly and time-consuming tasks. In the UK and Europe, arts and cultural organisations like the Landmark Trust and Museum Of Youth Culture rely on the PhotoShelter to centralise and organise their valuable media libraries, so they can preserve and share content about fascinating UK history. 

How to Create Global Support with Inspiring Visual Content Campaigns

The International League of Conservation Photographers' nonprofit creative team is tasked with a mighty mission: produce engaging visual storytelling experiences that generate support for global conservation projects. Learn how PhotoShelter's Hootsuite integration enables the lean iLCP team to document and quickly share complete stories of nature's resilience with audiences worldwide via social media.

Real-Time Workflow 2.0: The Guide to Faster Visual Storytelling

Download Real-Time Workflow 2.0: The Guide to Faster Visual Storytelling to see examples of leading brands who hack their team’s productivity every day using PhotoShelter's Real-Time Workflow, and learn how your organization can start using this optimized workflow today. 

Your team’s workflow is fastest when all of your tools work together. Revolutionize your creative process with some seriously impressive innovations and new tech integrations. 

Power your team's visual storytelling with DAM. Learn about the ins and outs of digital asset management and how to work smarter, not harder with our content management and delivery tools built for your success. 

Creative teams all around the world face daily challenges and workflow troubles. We're inspired by international brands that are getting organized and making an impact with their visual storytelling. Get inspired by these global powerhouses!

12 Timeless Tips for Developing a Successful Marketing Career in 2023

Read 12 timeless insights on how to build a purposeful career, the value and impact of an innovative visual storytelling strategy, and how to work smarter, not harder by investing in collaborative tools that make workflows just f-l-o-w.

Tell Us More: How The Kansas City Chiefs Team Photographer Manages Content Before, During and After the Biggest Game of the NFL Season

We recently caught up with Super Bowl winning Kansas City Chiefs’ Team Photographer Steve Sanders to hear how the 2023 Super Bowl champions game plan and strategize all season long to tackle the challenge of documenting the team as they prepare for, play, and celebrate the outcome of The 2023 Super Bowl in real-time. 

The Best University Photographers to Follow on Social Media

Telling the story of a college campus is no small feat. From dorm life to college athletics, university photographers are there to document all the action. In honor of these talented creatives, we are highlighting the photographers who make magic happen – the folks behind the camera you should be following on social media.

How the Miami Marlins Crafted the Ultimate Creative Workflow

For visual media teams, a client asking “Where are my photos?” could either be the start of a living nightmare or the easiest question to answer. The deciding factor? — workflow. Here's how former Miami Marlins Team Photographer Joseph Guzy completely transformed the team's workflow over the years.

An Inside look at Team GB’s Olympic Content Workflow

It takes special technical skills and effort to capture those sports moments of strong emotions during the games. Sam Mellish is a seasoned pro at capturing these valiant athletes and team journeys, (and sometimes he captures the action while cruising on a snowboard!) 

Three Things Your Brand Should Be Doing to Make Your Content Stand Out on Social Media

Brand consistency across social and digital increases revenue up to 33%. Here are three tried-and-true best practices from Slate founder Eric Stark for creating owned brand content on social media.

How Black Visual Storytellers Influence Culture: Career Advice From Hashtag Sports' Creators of Color Award Winners

Watch and learn from a previously recorded intimate conversation with two of Hashtag Sports’ Creators of Color Award Honorees’—Chanel Smith, Baltimore Ravens’ Digital Strategy and Innovation Coordinator, and Travis Ellison, Professional Sports Photographer—what it’s like to be a rising creative talent in the sports industry today as a young, gifted, and Black rising talent.

How Tourism Organisations Use Visual Storytelling to Create Impact

In Europe, sports, cultural, music events and festivals are some of the main attractions travel organisations highlight to persuade holidaymakers to flock to their destinations. Powerful visual stories dominate their websites and social feeds—from impactful static hero images and attention-grabbing videos that highlight the sensorial experience of a region to slice-of-life street scenes and expansive drone footage that showcases the cultural landscape. Here are the 9 best travel brands in the UK and Europe that use stunning visual content to sell their destination.

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Unlock your brilliant creative ideas. Read through ingenius brand stories to motivate your next great innovation. 

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