How Discover Puerto Rico Revitalized Tourism Through Visual Storytelling

Hear about the evolution of the Discover PR team's content strategy over the course of the last few years – particularly how they bring in-person experiences to a digital stage to keep Puerto Rico top of mind as folks start traveling freely again.


Shout-Outs: 12 Inspiring Nonprofits to Support and Follow Right Now

Here's how 12 wonderful nonprofits and the unsung heroes who power their visual storytelling strategies create impactful content and generate support for their causes.

Three Ways to Get All Ears and Eyes on Your Brand's Podcast

How does the third largest podcasting app stay on top of millions of listeners’ minds for over 10 years? Learn how Stitcher's Chief Marketing Officer Amy Fitzgibbons robust marketing plan gets conceptualized and translated by Art Director, Aaron Nestor; and find out the creative hacks he uses to build brand identities for over 80 original podcast shows.


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 "DAM is fundamental to manage the content deluge."

Forrester 2022 B2B Marketing Report


How the Miami Marlins Crafted the Ultimate Creative Workflow

Miami Marlins Team Photographer Joseph Guzy shares how his creative workflow has evolved since he interned with the Pittsburgh Pirates six years ago in 2016.

4 Innovative DAM Tips from a University Videographer

Learn unconventional ways to use and create new content with archival media from the University of South Carolina’s talented videographer, Jesuel Rivera. Plus, learn solid tips for building a scalable, user-friendly dynamic asset management system using smart keywords, file structures, and more best practices you’ve got to try.

DAM 101

Everything is digital, so everyone needs to be dynamic

Learn how to harness the true power of dynamic asset management every March, during DAM Month. 

Read creative content marketing and asset management tips from industry experts, register to attend events and virtual networking opportunities with peers and potential mentors. 

Week 1 Sneak Peek: COLLECT + CREATE

Collect your assets and collaborate to create


How PhotoShelter Helps Food for the Hungry Improve Global Collaboration

Organizations like Food for the Hungry and their dedicated staff members and volunteers have made humanitarian relief and development their mission since 1971. Learn how Beth Allen, Food for the Hungry’s senior communications manager developed and implemented a 360-Degree marketing strategy to generate critical relief funds and support services for countries in crisis.


How to Adapt and Manage Remote Creative Teams: Actionable Tips From 5 Creative Leaders

We spoke to 5 creative marketing leaders to learn how their organizations and teams are adapting—from managing remote creative teams to how optimizing or scrapping visual storytelling strategies, and we got the expert scoop. Check out their answers and join the conversation on social!

16 DAM Case Studies Your Marketing Team Needs to See

Digital asset management (DAM) can change your life. It can save your whole team time, help you cut costs, reduce headaches brought on by hard drives and frustrating folder structures, and give you the chance to take advantage of every PR and social media opportunity before your story is old news. Here's how the best brands have used DAM to do a DAMN good work.


Unlock your brilliant creative ideas. Ingenius brand stories to motivate your next greatest innovation.


WATCH ON-DEMAND: The Strategy Behind Sporting KC’s Competition-Crushing Visual Content Workflow

Have you ever wondered how Major League Soccer teams bring fans front-row coverage from practices, home and away games, or community events? Get the play-by-play by two of the best sports marketers to ever do it — Chad Reynolds and Cortney Park, Sporting Kansas City's Creative Marketing Wizards.

How Special Olympics Reaches Millions Worldwide With A Live Event DAM Strategy

It’s hard to imagine the coordination, the collaboration, the teamwork, and the sheer ingenuity and innovation that goes into programming and marketing an internationally acclaimed event of Olympic stature, but luckily, we don’t have to. Learn how to level up your content strategy and operations from this compassionate leader and one-woman team.


[WEBINAR] Women In Focus: How to Navigate a Career in Visual Storytelling

Catch up on an amazing conversation entitled ‘Women In Focus: How to Navigate A Career in Visual Storytelling’. We will be joined by Marguerite Schropp-Lucarelli, Sports Illustrated's Director of Photography, Callena Williams, Team Photographer for the Dallas Cowboys and Cydney Scott, Boston University’s school photographer to discuss their career journeys and learnings along the way.

[INSIDE LOOK] How Slate Integrates with PhotoShelter to Streamline Visual Storytelling

Join Scott Fedonchik, SVP of Marketing at PhotoShelter, and Erick Stark, Co-Founder & President of Slate Teams, to learn about how brands who connect PhotoShelter for Brands and Slate Teams search for timely and relevant photo and video media assets, add custom branding, and share to social in real-time. 


The Ultimate Virtual Events Checklist

Events have evolved so much in the past year, and now more than ever we need a way to engage with our audiences. Whether you're a full time event planner, or you've been tasked with hosting an event for the first time, this guide will help you from start to finish. Download it now!

[INSIDE LOOK] Behind The Scenes with the NHL’s First Black Female Photographer

It's a unique perspective being the first and only. Hear how Amanda J. Cain, the NHL’s first Black female photographer developed her professional eye over the past 15 years.


40+ Black Pro Sports Photographers You Need to Hire Before The Price Goes Up

We want the incredibly talented Black sports photographers we know to stay booked and busy, so below we’ve compiled a list of over 40 Black sports photographers whose work we admire that a sports organization we know should hire (hint, hint).

Digital Asset
Management Month


Week 4: Inspiration
Unlock your brilliant creative ideas. Read through ingenius brand stories to motivate your next great innovation. 

Digital Asset
Management Month


Week 4: Inspiration

Unlock your brilliant creative ideas. Read through ingenious brand stories to motivate your next great innovation.