For 20 years now, FreshDirect has offered local goods, chef-prepared meals, quality ingredients, and fresh groceries to a handful of locations across the northeast United States.  

Time and time again, their team of passionate professionals has stepped up to support their local communities, all while amplifying the core of their mission with undeniably appetizing visuals and creative campaigns.  

Over the past few years, at a time when community refrigerators, volunteer-run food pantries, and grocery delivery services have become integral to the fabric of our nation, FreshDirect has continued to show up for their customers.  

This July, FreshDirect began celebrating their 20-year-anniversary by highlighting their history and dedication to their core community. With that said, we want to continue the party by inviting you to join us for a special Inside Look at how their visual branding and creative process comes to life! 

Hear how FreshDirect’s VP of Brand Marketing, Katie Zapata and Senior Managing Photographer, John Kelly III: 

  • Develop and execute a cutting-edge content marketing strategy for the leading online grocery delivery service serving the U.S. Northeast market.  
  • Develop strategic, mutually beneficial content and product partnerships with local businesses to create a sustainable ecosystem of support.  
  • Evolve the brand’s reputation and reach by experimenting with a range of innovative content marketing tactics you too can learn from and try!

How FreshDirect’s Brand Story Has Ripened Over The Past 20 Years



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Photo by John Kelly III

AUGUST 24, 2022 | 2PM ET

Katie Zapata
VP of Brand Marketing

AUGUST 24, 2022 | 2PM ET


Jeremy Berkowitz
Integrated Marketing Manager

John Kelly III
Senior Managing Photographer