A woman’s place is everywhere.

And we have innumerable courageous women from the past, present and future to thank for their dedication to fighting for intersectional, radical equality in every area of society. 

It’s no secret. The patriarchy has been exposed. For the past decade, feminists worldwide have been working to break new ground by speaking up and reclaiming our space in places where we’re least expected.

According to a recently published PetaPixel article which cited data from a 2021 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report, despite representation exponentially increasing for women in the professional photography industry, fair pay, consistent opportunities, and support are still significantly lacking. 

“Women photographers account for almost half of working photographers…but they earn, on average, 40% less than their male counterparts. Similarly, it was found that less than 25% of the commercial photographers represented by the industry’s leading agents are female.”

We’re shining a light on leading women in photography who are using their voices, knowledge, and roles as leaders to shift storytelling focus toward inclusive representation to help all women command more attention behind and in front the lens.

It’s time to change the narrative and numbers. 

Watch now to learn how: 

  • How visual storytelling leaders are born and blossom—what communities they became a part of, who were the role models and mentors that helped foster the seeds of a dream, and how they found or cultivated a space to create and develop a unique style. 
  • What fighting for your right to make art is like for women—how to build confidence and practice creating constantly, despite institutional oppression. 
  • How these women continue to make Herstory—how women storytellers continue to create intersectional opportunities to learn from, support, and promote one another within and outside of their 9-to-5 organization.

David Welker,
Libris Account Executive & Professional Photographer


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Marguerite Schropp Lucarelli
Director of Photography, Sports Illustrated

Cydney Scott
Staff Photographer, Boston University

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Larissa Green
Content Marketing Manager, PhotoShelter

MARCH 29, 2022 | 2:00 p.m. ET

“Women photographers account for almost half of working photographers…but they earn, on average, 40% less than their male counterparts.”

Callena Williams
Team Photographer, Dallas Cowboys