Speed up your visual storytelling to real time. 

Introducing PhotoShelter’s TextID

Searching your images for high-value keywords shouldn’t be a hassle, it should be automatic. Now, it is. Learn more about PhotoShelter’s Artificial Intelligence product: TextID.


FaceIQ enables you to instantly identify, search for, organize and share images of important team and community members, and it can simultaneously add other related tags like job title, position, or team.


Tag specific pieces of text from a pre-defined list of high-value words. 

Custom Models

Allow you to build hyper relevant smart tags based on the unique attributes of your brand, team or industry.


Your team needs to share photos and videos quickly and constantly to tell your brand’s story - but the old ways of managing your files can’t keep up. With PhotoShelter for Brands, you’ll be able to move creative files from point A to point B instantly. It fits seamlessly into the way you work and gives you full creative control over your brand’s visual content. 

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Innovative brands, ranging from pro sports teams to universities to nonprofits, rely on PhotoShelter to manage their visual media with speed and ease. 

PhotoShelter AI


Tag relevant words and phrases in brand images for seamless searching, organizing and sharing.

The Future of DAM

The Who, What and Why of PhotoShelter AI 

In a world where we’re all consuming content faster than ever before, getting the most out of each and every creative asset is crucial to staying relevant, nurturing and growing your audience, raising awareness for key issues and celebrating exciting achievements. 

The Ultimate Guide to Artificial Intelligence in DAM

In The Ultimate Guide to Artificial Intelligence in DAM, uncover the benefits of incorporating automation into your visual content strategy and learn about the organizations already using AI to make an impact. 

Inside you’ll find: 

  • Why AI is the future of DAM 
  • Key benefits to implementing artificial intelligence in your content marketing strategy 
  • Quick breakdowns of each of PhotoShelter’s AI offerings: ObjectID, PeopleID, RosterID and BrandID 
  • Case studies featuring The Ladies Professional Golf Association and The Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation 


Meet ObjectID: Automate Smart Tagging

Our most versatile offering, ObjectID recognizes objects in images. It provides the most general, well-rounded keyword tagging all organizations need to effectively search and find images for instant organizing and sharing. 


Meet RosterID: Automated Player and Jersey Recognition

RosterID allows anyone to identify your full lineup of athletes in real time. Whether it’s an important portrait of your star player, the team during a huddle, or a striking action shot mid-game, identify and tag everyone with unparralleled precision and accuracy. 


Meet PeopleID: Facial Recognition Done Right

With the ability to add people individually, in batch and even rename someone or merge tags within your directory, organizing key stakeholders and important people has never been so straightforward. PeopleID’s facial recognition helps your team save time finding and sharing images of your organization’s friendliest faces. 


Meet BrandID: A Time-saving Auto-Tagging Solution

BrandID works to help brands of every kind establish asset ROI for any image where a logo is present, be it yours or a partner’s. Want to be able to find, organize and deliver live event images to specific sponsors within minutes, rather than hours or even days? With BrandID, it’s effortless. 


Artificial Intelligence is the extra boost your brand needs to take your visual assets to the next level. 

Just upload your files and watch while they’re instantly tagged with general keywords, player and faculty names, jersey numbers, sponsors and more.

The Who, What and Why of PhotoShelter AI

Dive deeper to understand who AI is for and uncover the ways it’s already been a game-changer for some of the industry’s most impressive universities, sports teams and organizations. 


5 Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence

From saving you time and money to increasing the ROI of every photo in your media library, the benefits of using PhotoShelter AI are vast. Check out the top 5 key benefits we hear from the people already using it. 


Top Creative Teams Love PhotoShelter AI

Ladies Professional Golf Association

Brianne Wigley
Senior Manager of Integrated Content

 “PeopleID has become one of the most important tools for us on a day-to-day basis. Not only does it make it easy to identify specific players in a batch of 500 photos, but it’s also really helped us with our player-content strategy.” 

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Brigham Young University

Nate Edwards 
Manager of Photography 

 “It’s important to keep up with new technology like PhotoShelter AI. It can help speed up your workflow so you have more time.” 

Read How PhotoShelter AI is Changing the Game During March Madness 

Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation

Kendra Lee
Marketing and Creative Manager

 “PhotoShelter AI was announced and we jumped on it. This was the answer to our prayers.” 

Watch How The Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation Used AI to Make a Splash 

Sports Illustrated

Marguerite Schropp Lucarelli
Director of Photography 

 “When we photograph games, we’re not just photographing a game just for that game. We’re photographing it to use for the season. And if the pictures aren’t captioned, the pictures are almost useless. Time is of the essence. Whether we use it for a story tomorrow or a story a month from now on Tom Brady, to have those picture captioned, that just adds value to the entire assignment and to every single picture.” 

Learn How Sports Illustrated is Changing the Game with PhotoShelter AI

Premier Lacrosse League

Tyler Steinhardt 
Director of Marketing 

 “The AI recognition of our photos will help us save hundreds of hours tagging and organizing photos, enabling us to share content with our partners, players, and fans faster than ever before.” 

Take An Inside Look: Premier Lacrosse League’s AI-Powered Social Media Workflow