Workflow 2.0:

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The Guide to Faster Visual Storytelling

But first, to make maximum impact, an image has to have an audience. 

Too often, brands hire professional photographers to capture their big milestones and events, but fail to share the images with internal stakeholders or external partners and influencers quickly—if at all. 

Countless organizations, sports teams and leading brands have told us about their workflows, sharing that with the right setup, they’re able to move assets from the camera to their social media feeds, websites, sponsors and key influencers in under 60 seconds! 

Imagine: It could be as easy as… 1.    2.   3.

PhotoShelter for Brands customers report that our platform saves their teams over 16 hours a week and 93% say their team has become more efficient with our workflow solutions. 

How do they do this? 

By implementing and perfecting a Real-Time Workflow, brands can share content from their photographer’s camera, through an FTP, and out to the rest of the world in seconds. 

Download Real-Time Workflow 2.0: The Guide to Faster Visual Storytelling to see examples of leading brands who hack their team’s productivity every day using PhotoShelter's Real-Time Workflow, and learn how your organization can start using this optimized workflow today. 

Download the guide now! 


A single photo has the power to tell a story, change perceptions, create connections and inspire an audience.